• Duration

    2 days and 1 night

  • Location

    Isfahan and Semirom

  • Available Tickets


  • Price

    From $90 per person

Migrant life is the most ancient method of standing up to the present era. Engaging manner and incredible tribes over the centuries and years-long attempt to maintain the traditions and customs of the past and the nobility has become a magnet for tourism. Housing tribes and their lifestyle, language and music, local foods, crafts, dance and costumes, as well as weddings and ceremonies instead of the local nomadic tribes is the most important attractions. One of the major tourist attractions, cultural nomads are in all parts of the country, in the areas of West and South West, East and South East, North West, North East and Central Iran scattered nomadic tribes.



Day 1: drive to Shahrekord. Visiting fascinating nature and nomad lifestyle, O/N in Tents.
Day 2: Hiking in nature, visit the Bakhtiari Nomad tents, drive to Isfahan.

Nomadic lifestyle

Getting to know who nomadic people live in the mountains of Iran since 5000 years ago.

Adventurous tour

This tour can be classified as an adventurous tour. Thus, you will see beautiful sceneries, hike in the hills and mountains and eat the traditional organic food of nomads.