Hidden Gems of Persia

Classic Route Ancient Persia Description: Explore the history of old Persia and the spirit of the new Iran. Discover magnificent mosques, small mountainous villages, and colorful gardens, and gain deeper insight into this ancient land by cultural discovery. Wander the streets of ancient capitals and desert cities, and witness spectacular Zoroastrian temples. Stroll unique parts [...]
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General Information about Iran

Iran, the land of Aryans who migrated to Iran plateau from 5000 years ago. Aryans lived in the south of Siberia. Due to some reasons like lack of grass for cattle and the harsh climate in southern Siberia (current Russia). In the beginning, the migrants had some challenges with the aborigines of Iran. Then they […]

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Exhibition of tourism and handicraft in Isfahan

Even though during the last 5000 years many people and tribes entered this land, but after a while, they were absorbed in Iranian culture. This fact presented Iran as a unique country. The place which you can find the glorious architecture and rich culture with a warm-hearted welcome. Isfahan is located in the heart of […]

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